Calendar Export

You can generate an iCalendar file with a selection of data of your choice customized to your location. iCalendar files can be imported by most common calendar software such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and IBM Notes.

Currently, the export is only available in English, since additional translations in addition to the calendar localization itself is required. If you would like to be able to export a calendar in another language, please get in touch.

City or Address:




Data Selection:

Badí‘ Dates

Creates events, one for each date in the Badí‘ year.

Holy Days

Creates 11 events, one for each Holy Day in the Badí‘ year. Regardless of the choice below, the event description will always contain the commmemoration time where applicable.

Nineteen Day Feasts

Creates 19 events, one for each Nineteen Day Feast in the Badí‘ year.

The Fast

Creates 19 events, one for each day during the Fast.


0 events will be generated.