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1 Núr (Light) 175 B.E.
5 June 2018

Added feature to export location-based calendar data into the iCalendar format which can be imported by most common calendar software such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and IBM Notes.

14 ‘Aẓamat (Grandeur) 175 B.E.
30 May 2018

  • Correct handling for areas in which specific times rather than actual sunrise and sunset times are used is now included for Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and USA.
  • Various small modifications including a restyling of the interactive calendar.

18 ‘Izzat (Might) 173 B.E.
24 September 2016

Moved to a better server, set up an SSL certificate to reenable location services, which had not been working in some browsers for some time.
PDF calendar generation is now significantly faster.

5 Jamál (Beauty) 173 B.E.
1 May 2016

Added an Interactive Calendar which allows you to browse through all dates in the 1. Kull-i-Shay' (1-361 B.E.). It also includes a graphical representation of where in this period a given date is.

12 Jalál (Glory) 173 B.E.
19 April 2016

Corrected errors in the commemoration times for the First day of Riḍván, the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh, and the Ascension of `Abdu’l-Bahá (the commemoration times were shown as one day too early).

2 Jalál (Glory) 173 B.E.
9 April 2016

  • Languages added for PDF calendars: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), and Dutch
  • The code at the backbone of this website is now available on GitHub. badiDate is a JavaScript module performing date conversions and formatting (localized in a growing number of languages),
    MeeusSunMoon performs precise calculations for sunrise, solar noon, and sunset as well as moon phases.
  • Various small fixes and improvements

1 Bahá (Splendour) 173 B.E.
20 March 2016

Relaunch of the site. Major changes include:

  • You can now set a default location that will be remembered for your next visit. If you e.g. bookmark the Dates and Times page, you will immediately see information about the current Badí‘ date without any additional input required.
  • Dates all the way back to 1 Bahá 1 B.E. are supported using the previous convention for the beginning of the Badí‘ year and the dates of the Holy Days.
  • The date conversions now include a visualization of the day like on the NOW web app.
  • Calculations now use JavaScript rather than PHP so most functions do not require a page reload anymore. Changing an input value instantly updates the calculations.
  • PDF Calendars now include moon phases.
  • I have created a Badí‘ date JavaScript class which will go on github soon so others can use it in their projects.
  • Many small changes to layout, functionality, as well as code structure to ensure that additional functionality can easily be added in the future.

19 ‘Alá’ (Loftiness) 172 B.E.
19 March 2016

Corrected errors in the German translation of the Badí‘ months in printable and photo calendars.

15 Mulk (Dominion) 172 B.E.
21 February 2016

Corrections for the times of the Declaration and Martyrdom of the Báb: 2 hours and 11 minutes rather than 2 hours after sunset and solar noon rather than 12:00 in local standard time.

15 Sulṭán (Sovereignty) 172 B.E.
2 February 2016

The photo wall calendar for 173 is now available for purchase (in English) on Bahá'í Books UK.

2 Sharaf (Honour) 172 B.E.
1 January 2016

The photo wall calendar for 173 is now also available in Spanish, French, and German.

15 Qawl (Speech) 172 B.E.
6 December 2015

There is a new photo wall calendar for 173. The English version is available as of now, other languages to be added soon.

13 ‘Aẓamat (Grandeur) 172 B.E.
29 May 2015

To make it easier to quickly look up the current Badí‘ date at your location, I have created NOW, a web app that will detect your location and instantly provide you with the current Badí‘ date and time within that date, as well as Holy Day Information if applicable. For more information about NOW, click here.

By request, Latvian has been added to the languages available for printable calendars.

5 Bahá (Splendour) 172 B.E.
25 March 2015

Afte receiving multiple requests to make the generated calendars available in multiple languages, this feature is now available. There are currently 7 languages to choose from. If you would like another language to be added, please use the contact form to request it. Note that in some cases, words needed to be abbreviated in order to fit into the format.

Since I don't actually speak most of the languages, it is quite possible for there to be errors in the translations. Please let me know if you find any.

15 ‘Alá’ (Loftiness) 171 B.E.
16 March 2015

In collaboration with photographers from around the world, I have created a Badí‘ wall calendar that you can download to have it printed at a print shop of your choice. 20 pages in high-resolution A3. Available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

19 Mulk (Dominion) 171 B.E.
15 February 2015

For locations in Alaska, all sunrise and sunset times are now taken to be 06:00 and 18:00 Alaska Standard Time in accordance with local observance. If you live in an area that due to extreme latitude uses a similar observance, please contact me with the details so I can include this.

18 Sharaf (Honour) 171 B.E.
17 January 2015

It has been repeatedly requested to be able to convert dates before Naw-Rúz 172 B.E.. The conversion from Gregorian to Badí‘ date will now for the time being accept Gregorian dates as early as 1 January 2015, as for these dates the old and new implementation of the calendar are identical.

13 Sharaf (Honour) 171 B.E.
12 January 2015

The problem that occasionally led to a Server Error when generating a PDF calendar should be fixed. You will now need to click on an additional button after generating the calendar in order to create a PDF. For more information, please see the FAQ.

The sites domain has changed and is now www.badi-calendar.com.

As I have received a response to my request for clarification from the World Centre regarding the date of Naw-Rúz 183, the range of dates covered by this website has now been extended up to 356 B.E. (2200 AD).

12 Sharaf (Honour) 171 B.E.
11 January 2015

Added responsive styling so the website should look better on mobile devices now.